List of Standard Messages
S.NoStandard Message
1 Confirm receipt of money order
2 Do not waste money use cautiously
3 Happy birthday get a gift of your choice
4 Happy wedding anniversary get a gift of your choice
5 Hearty Hearty congratulation on success in examination
6 Humble offering for Rakhi
7 Humble offering on Bhai Dooj
8 Humble offering on thread ceremony
9 Humble offering to the Lord
10 Id Mubarak
11 If you need more money let me know
12 Money for payment of loan
13 Money for treatment of illness
14 Money for your admission
15 Money for your books
16 Shagun for marriage
17 Shagun for thread Ceremony
18 Shagun on Grehapravesh
19 Wish you speedy recovery
20 Wish you success in your study
21 Write about your well being